THE BARTER COMPANY: Barter is Smarter

Save cash, gain new customers, grow your business….

The Barter Company Clients

TBC has more than 2,500 clients in the Southeast offering a wide variety of products & services.

No Mas

Use barter to build out a new location.

Art Jewelers

Use barter to add new clients.


Using barter for business and personal use.

WIS News 10

WIS News 10 News story on The Barter Company.


Use barter to furnish new locations and for vacations.

Atlanta Hawks

Use barter to advertise your business.

Johnny’s Pizza

Barter brings you new customers.

Sixth Man

Use barter to bonus your employees and get services you may need while keeping cash in your wallet.

Mona Reece

Barter the open weeks in your vacation rental or timeshare for products and services you need.

Judith Ann Photography

Use barter to pay for things you normally pay cash for!

TBC Annual Holiday Barter Show

TBC’s Holiday Barter Show is the largest barter tradeshow in the Southeast! It is a wonderful opportunity to get your holiday shopping done, take photos with Santa and bid in our incredible Silent Auction. For more info on how to attend the 2014 show, call TBC at (770) 591-4343.

Duffco Deals

TBC has the best, most qualified staff in the industry with access to a wide variety of services both for business and personal use.

White Science

TBC opens the doors to a wide variety of products and services you can use without spending cash!

Night Vision

TBC allows you to pay a lot of expenses through barter, saving you cash! It’s also a wonderful way to entertain clients without reaching for your wallet.

Faith Designs

The Barter Company helps with your bottom line!

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