Originally published in My Forsyth Magazine. Click HERE to view story on page 17.

Small Businesses: Don’t Watch Your Out-of-Pocket Costs Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

Managing out-of-pocket costs can be challenging for any small business owner. Sometimes it seems that these costs disappear down a rabbit hole just like Alice in Wonderland. Turning to the White Rabbit or Cheshire Cat won’t help. However, The Mad Hatter offers great advice on how to keep cash in your business. Kevin Sparks, owner of The Mad Hatter explains: “I use The Barter Company to help manage my out-of-pocket costs because through them I can trade my services for things the company needs and I don’t have to pay cash.”

This particular Mad Hatter is a local company specializing in chimney sweep service, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, fireplaces and fireplace accessories, and all kinds of outdoor living items from Big Green Eggs to pool supplies. For more than 10 years, The Mad Hatter and The Barter Company have worked together to manage the company’s cash flow and use trade rather than cash.

“Before I reach for my wallet, I call The Barter Company. Nine times out of ten they have a service or product I need,” said Sparks. “My trade coordinator works with me one-on-one and is very accommodating and actively seeks what I want. It’s a great concept.”

People have exchanged goods and services for centuries through a simplistic barter system. Today, barter plays an important role in the payments industry with businesses incorporating it into their system along with cash, credit, virtual payments, and loyalty cards. “Alternative currencies are trending for business,” explains Ric Zampatti, The Barter Company CEO. “More and more businesses are taking another look at barter and how it can benefit their cash flow.”

The Barter Company is a recognized leader in the barter industry with offices in Georgia and Florida. TBC provides businesses with an alternative currency network by using barter dollars instead of cash to handle your transactions. TBC acts as a third-party records keeper, providing clients with monthly statements that reflect all barter purchases, sales and current barter dollar balance. For more information, please visit www.thebartercompany.com.