We are excited to have you join us at the next “Barter 101” luncheon! This program is available to new clients and is a wonderful learning experience mixed with networking. You will learn great tips of the trade and best bartering practices so that you can grow your business while saving cash! Lunch is always provided for attendees along with great incentives! Here is a quick overview of what you can expect from Barter 101:

  • How to think barter and keep cash in your wallet
  •  How to access our mobile apps and their features
  • Relationship building with your Trade Coordinator
  • How to process a simple trade transaction
  • Bookkeeping for your barter account
  • Negotiating trade with another barter client
  • Barter Police system and how it works
  • Etiquette: Restaurant tipping & how to travel on barter
  • TBC Referral Program and How You Can Earn CASH For Referrals

REGISTER BELOW for the next “Barter 101” luncheon!

Barter 101 Luncheon Registration Form