Pets Enrich Our Lives with Joy and Love

Dogs and cats had quite a year in 2020. While the year will be remembered for many illustrious reasons, one positive that emerged was the dramatic increase in pet ownership in the United States. People who found themselves at home every day began adopting furry companions in droves, particularly from animal shelters, many of which ran out of pets available for adoption. This trend was so pronounced that Time Magazine named rescue pets as the 2020 Pet of the Year.

The pet industry is big in the U.S. In 2020, pet owners spent $103.6 billion on pet food, treats, supplies, vet care, medicine, and grooming services, up from $97.1 billion the previous year, according to the American Pet Products Association.

At The Barter Company, we have a variety of clients who offer pet-related products and services ranging from grooming to food and supplies to veterinary care. One client is The Pet Set which recently used barter to create an engaging video showcasing their pet grooming and spa services.

We are a bunch of animal lovers at The Barter Company and enjoy seeing others benefit from the love and joy we know that pets bring. Most of us have pets at home and proudly feature pictures of them on our website. We also delight in caring for Roscoe, our office cat. He cheerfully greets everyone who comes into the office and makes them smile.

We know the importance of helping shelter animals find their forever homes and have partnered with no-kill local and international animal rescue organizations to spread awareness. Two of our greatest success stories are with Jack and Phoenix adopted by our very own CEO, Ric Zampatti. Jack was rescued in China by New York-based rescue organization No Dogs Left Behind. Phoenix was abandoned in South Korea and was rescued by Florida-based Nana’s Haven. Although Jack and Phoenix were properly vaccinated, sterilized, and cared for once rescued, their needs were great and funds were scarce. Scared and malnourished, they were both flown to this country. Now, with excellent medical care, proper diet, and plenty of love, they are healthy and happy!

To learn more about how to help with this needy but highly rewarding cause, please reach out to Susie Zampatti at You can also learn more about these organizations by clicking on the links above to their websites or follow them on social media.

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