Keeping the engine of your business running smoothly can be a challenge even with all the right parts working together. Finding new customers is just one piece that business owners need to keep going. Like thousands of other businesses, Duluth International Auto Service uses The Barter Company for the added edge in bringing new customers through his door.

Duluth International Auto Service strives to provide the most reliable automotive repair and maintenance of foreign and domestic vehicles. Located in Gwinnett County, the friendly and knowledgeable staff is made up of ASE certified technicians with various degrees of knowledge from institutions across the country.

Billy Duhe, owner of Duluth International, has been using The Barter Company services for about seven years. He repairs and maintains vehicles in exchange for trips, restaurant dining, lawn care, window tinting, A/C repair, and concert and sporting event tickets. In all, he has more than $140,000 in barter sales. Duhe explains how The Barter Company gives his business a jump start: “Even though most business owners prefer a paying customer, barter brings you additional sales that may not have come to you otherwise. This allows additional opportunities to bring that new customer back who was impressed with our service — turning them into repeat customers. We’re always looking for new customers because we know once they’ve experienced our superior service, they will be back,” said Duhe.

People have exchanged goods and services for centuries through a simplistic barter system. Today, barter plays an important role in the payments industry with businesses incorporating it into their system along with cash, credit, virtual payments, and loyalty cards. “Alternative currencies are trending for business,” explains Ric Zampatti, The Barter Company CEO. “More and more businesses are taking another look at barter and how it can benefit their cash flow.”

For Billy Duhe at Duluth International Auto Service, trading through The Barter Company’s exchange helps his business stay ahead of the competition with new customers continuing to come through the door. “The automotive repair business is very competitive,” said Duhe. “We always need to find new ways to improve cash flow, reduce out-of-pocket costs, and market to new customers. The Barter Company helps us stay in the race.”