Ever wish there was a way to draw new customers in like a vacuum? Or to filter through all the different marketing advice and find a proven way to find new business?

Aerus/Electrolux, Kennesaw franchise owner Rich Luisi has done just that. He has been a client of The Barter Company for more than eight years. “Plain and simple. The best reason to use barter is that they bring me new business. I’ve spent 44 years in the floor care industry and I started out with zero customers and now I have 70,000. I’m always interested in new customers because our products are so exclusive and high quality; once someone tries it they love it!”

Aerus/Electrolux provides products and services that enhance the wellness and comfort of its customers and their families, including Electrolux vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and water purifiers. These unique solutions purify the air, decontaminate surfaces, and eliminate harmful pollutants, all with respect for the environment.

Like any business, Luisi’s Aerus/Electrolux franchise needs new customers on a regular basis. To accomplish this, he uses a combination of advertising, customer referrals, and barter.

People have exchanged goods and services for centuries through a simplistic barter system. Today, barter plays an important role in the payments industry with businesses incorporating it into their system along with cash, credit, virtual payments, and loyalty cards. “Alternative currencies are trending for business,” explains Ric Zampatti, The Barter Company CEO. “More and more businesses are taking another look at barter and how it can benefit their cash flow.”

Luisi uses The Barter Company’s exchange for print advertising, direct mail pieces, office furniture, carpet, painting, plumbing, construction work, and heating/AC service. He also receives tickets to concerts and sporting events that his salespeople use. Every year, Luisi trades more than $100,000 through The Barter Company.

Just like the 2,500 other businesses in The Barter Company’s network, Luisi’s method of bringing in new customers relies on a complete strategy with barter playing an important role. He explains: “Barter helps me have a clean sweep of the competition.”