roscoeboboToday is National Cat Day and we’d like to give a shout out to our lovable office cats, Roscoe & Bobo! If you’ve ever been to our office, then chances are you’ve been greeted by one of our friendly office cats. Since joining our team in 2008 after being rescued from the Cherokee County Animal Shelter, they’ve helped to make our office a fun place to work. Not only do they greet everyone who comes through the front door, they help boost the moral and create a happy environment to work in. Throughout the day, they make their rounds to visit each employee. They enjoy sun bathing in the conference room and chasing each other down the halls. They are so loved that staff members come check on them over the weekend to say a quick hello and make sure they have enough to eat! So in honor of National Cat Day, we want to celebrate our wonderful office cats and invite you to come meet them if you haven’t already! Here are some photos of a day in the life of Roscoe & Bobo:


IMG_3057 Tammy & BoBoATT01125Bobo on keyboard Roscoe2  Lauren & Roscoe2Tammy & Roscoe   Roscoe & Bobo napping   Blog-Signature-cropped