Barter Basics

How does barter work?

By using The Barter Company’s client network, you can spend your barter dollars instead of cash to buy the items and services you and your business need. We act as a third-party records keeper, providing clients with monthly statements that reflect all barter purchases, sales, and current barter balance.


What if I need help?

Every client of The Barter Company has a personal trade coordinator who helps them every step of the way. Trade coordinators assist clients to use the barter system as effectively as possible and even help market your company within the barter network.


Does it cost anything to join?

The initial investment to join The Barter Company is usually $395, however we are waiving this fee for 30 days during our Summer promotion! We earn our income by charging a cash transaction fee of 7.5% on each transaction (we don’t earn anything unless you buy or sell). A monthly charge of $15 cash and $15 trade takes place each month. The Barter Company does not charge an annual fee.


Can I turn down a barter job?

Yes, barter is best used to fill in gaps when you don’t have cash business. However, you can’t earn barter dollars in your account unless you accept barter jobs. A good ratio is to have 5-10% barter business (depending on your business size) balanced with 90-95% cash business.


How do you monitor the users in your barter system?

The Barter Company has individuals who act as barter “police” who monitor transactions and help make sure all members play by the rules. Our trade coordinators are also available to help with transactions or questions that might arise during the trade.