Each year at our Holiday Barter Show, we hold our exciting Food & Dessert Contest! During the show, attendees will taste samples from all participants and then are given a ballot at the end of the show for voting. The winner of each category will receive $500 CASH!!

Booths are FREE to participants! And TBC pays you $300Trade when you enter!

In order to participate, you’ll need to provide 600+ samples of your food, dessert or both and complete the short form below. Easy as pie! (see what we did there?)

And now for a little throw back to last year’s winners…Charles’ Smokin’ BBQ & Nothing Bundt Cakes!

Charles Smokin BBQ Wins Food Contest Nothing Bundt Cakes Wins Dessert Contest

2015 Food & Dessert Contest

2015 Food & Dessert Contest

All items should be limited to SAMPLE SIZE PORTIONS. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY WITH THE SAMPLE SIZE REQUIREMENTS BELOW, YOU MAY BE ASKED TO DISCONTINUE SAMPLING. a. Beverages limited to a maximum 4 oz. Container. No alcoholic beverages.b. Food items limited to “bite size”



Good luck to all participants!