Imagine paying for things with trade instead of cash. Many people in your area are doing just that, including David and Susan Leach, owners of Dave’s Front Row.

Dave’s Front Row, based in Woodstock, Georgia, provides tickets to widely popular events, including college football games, concerts, and professional sporting events. The company recently reached The Barter Company’s million-dollar club level. To reach this level, Dave’s Front Row had to exchange goods/services worth $1 million within The Barter Company’s 2,500-client network.

Dave’s Front Row reached the milestone in half the time that it takes many other companies. In return for trading tickets, David Leach received home improvement and landscaping services, an Alaskan Cruise and other vacations, and personal services such as spa days.

“Business owners can benefit from having their own source for event tickets,” said David Leach. “The Barter Company makes this service even more valuable for clients since they don’t have to pay cash. And, my company benefits from having access to all the other barter clients in the network.”

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