Seeking New Avenues of Income in 2024? Barter Connects Businesses and Saves Them Cash!
It's important practice in business to always be on the lookout for new avenues of revenue for yourself and business. Kevin with American Facility, is doing that and more! With plans of purchasing beach rental property, Kevin knew that The Barter Company could help him save his cash reserves by helping him get furnishings for the home he would soon be renting.

The Barter Company connected him with U2 Living, who was able to provide him with everything he needs to ensure guests get a good night's sleep during their stay! Four king size beds, adjustable bed frames, sheets, pillows, mattress protectors, hotel-brand comforters... all these are a huge part of the upfront costs associated with starting up a rental property, and he was able to get it all taken care of on barter!

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The Barter Company (TBC) is a recognized leader in the barter industry and is the largest, fastest growing barter exchange in the Southeast with offices in Georgia and Florida. We provide businesses with an alternative currency network by using barter dollars instead of cash to handle your transactions. We help business get new customers, increase profits and save cash while acting as a third party records keeper, providing clients with monthly statements that reflect all barter purchases, sales and current barter dollar balance.

The Barter Company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and has over 8,000 square feet of office and showroom space. Our team of highly-trained professionals has over 90 years combined experience in the barter industry.

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