Live Like a Millionaire Through Barter
Live Like a Millionaire Through Barter

Nine Company Owners Are Barter Millionaires

If you were a millionaire, what would you do with your money? Take fancy trips, renovate your house, buy luxury cars? If you were a barter millionaire, how would you spend your barter money? The Barter Company has nine barter millionaires who know how to barter to get want they want and need for both business and personal needs.

To reach the million-dollar level, a barter client must exchange goods and/or services worth at least $1 million within the 2,000-member network of The Barter Company. The million-dollar barter members are: Art Jewelers, Atlanta Painting Company, Copeland’s New Orleans, Dave’s Front Row Tickets, David Douglas Diamonds and Jewelry, Lamar Outdoor, Magellan Transit Media, The Mad Hatter, and Wholesale Office Furniture Distributor.

These barter power users definitely know how to use barter to live like millionaires: Renovate a kitchen. Acquire new furniture. Take family vacations. On the business side, they have used barter to secure goods and services including marketing help, outdoor advertising, security systems, equipment to meet changing Covid-19 requirements, bookkeeping, store renovations, and more.

Brothers Dave and Doug Meadows are jewelers and barter millionaires. Dave owns Art Jewelers in Woodstock, and Doug owns David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry in Marietta. Dave has used barter to take vacations, cover private school tuition, and get furniture. Doug has also bartered for family vacations as well as staff outings.

Bill Goudey, owner of the Copeland’s New Orleans restaurants in Kennesaw and Cumberland, is the first client of The Barter Company to hit $2 million in barter. He uses barter as an essential part of his restaurants’ cash management process and has renovated both locations using barter.

Want to learn how you can become a barter millionaire? Want to know how to use barter to get what you and your company need AND save cash at the same time? Discover the basics of barter, how barter works, and what a successful barter exchange like The Barter Company offers.

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