February Offers Two Great Days to Appreciate Customers and Employees: Let Barter Help!
February may be a short month, but it offers several great opportunities to show your appreciation to others. Take advantage of Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14 and National Random Acts of Kindness Day on Feb. 17 to show customers and employees that you value them. Showing appreciation to key people in your life is always good and is especially important in this tight labor market and competitive business environment.

There are many fun and effective ways to demonstrate appreciation. For employees, write a note to recognize a recent accomplishment or milestone and include a gift card, schedule a fun lunch for the office, or send an unexpected gift as a thank you for being part of the team. Let customers know you are thinking about them by giving them a gift certificate to a local restaurant or business, delivering a bouquet of flowers or gift basket, or offering tickets to a local sporting or theater events.

Barter can help!

The Barter Company is a recognized leader in the barter industry and is the largest, fastest growing barter exchange in the Southeast with more than 2,000 clients. Use your barter credit to get gifts, gift cards, tickets to sporting events, and more – without spending cash.

Learn how to use barter to get what you need for your business - while saving cash at the same time. Contact us today to discover the basics of barter, how barter works, and learn what a successful barter exchange like The Barter Company offers.

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