Businesses Use Barter and Barter Lines of Credit to Save Cash!
The Barter Company, a recognized leader in the barter industry, has nine (and counting) clients who have reached the million-dollar mark in barter sales. To reach the million-dollar levels, a barter client must exchange goods and/or services worth at least $1 million within the 2,000-member network of The Barter Company. Bill Goudey of Copeland’s is the first client to reach the $2 million level.

Copeland’s of New Orleans has used the millions they have made in barter to offset cash fees and take care of important renovations around their restaurant.

In recent years, Copeland’s had tons of wood reworking and renovating done throughout the restaurant. This normally being a huge financial undertaking, was done painlessly on barter.

Now Copeland’s has newly renovated wood accents throughout their restaurant, and with just as much cash to show for it.

Save cash, to make cash… by using barter!

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