Brothers Share Success in Being Barter Millionaires
No Sibling Rivalry When it Comes to Barter

Brothers Share Success in Being Barter Millionaires

Meet “Barter Brothers” Dave Meadows and Doug Meadows. They share much more than the same last name. Dave owns Art Jewelers in Woodstock. Doug owns David Douglas Diamonds & Jewelry in Marietta. They are brothers, jewelers, and barter millionaires!

“Being part of The Barter Company changed my life in many ways, and I recommend it to anyone with a product or service. If you can think of it - you can probably barter it,” said Dave. “They do a phenomenal job constantly expanding the client base and consistently communicating what’s available. And they send us clients that are looking for our product. These are customers we would not have had otherwise.”

Dave continued: “When we expanded our store, we had a lot of needs that The Barter Company worked on diligently. When your needs are high, they also try to help by sending you clients to keep money flowing in your barter account. The Barter Company has allowed me to live like a millionaire: vacations I could never afford, tuition in private school, and furniture. That’s in addition to business needs and services such as a security system, power washing, electrical and plumbing work, and bookkeeping.”

His brother Doug agrees.

“Barter has allowed me to do and get things that I would have never done or be able to get,” Doug said. “The memories we have created as a family and a business are priceless, from family vacations to staff outings that would have not been possible without The Barter Company.”

Doug also said that becoming a member of the Million Dollar Club impressed him. “It’s always nice to be recognized and have a little status, and The Barter Company makes sure that happens. I don’t even try to compete with my brother about who barters most. My brother and sister-in-law are truly the King & Queen of Barter!”

Learn how you can become a barter millionaire and get what you and your company need and save cash at the same time. Explore the basics of barter, how barter works, and what a successful barter exchange like The Barter Company offers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you focus on leading your company while saving you cash at the same time. Barter is Smarter!
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