Bringing the Team Back Together: Use Barter to Help Employees Reconnect or Meet for the First Time

Are you starting to bring employees and teams back together physically in the workplace? Figuring out how to do that successfully is a challenge as employees have gotten used to the flexibility of working remotely. They may also have to start paying for childcare in order to shift back to the office.

Consider how barter can reconnect team members and introduce new employees to their coworkers for the first time. As you reunite your team physically, host a fun social gathering outside the office to bring people together or offer gift cards as incentives – and use barter to do it!

Many of The Barter Company’s clients offer entertainment options or venues that can be great ways for a work team to gather and connect. Options include escape rooms, zip line adventures, entertainment/bowling centers, mini-golf courses, local sporting events, and more. Check out the many entertainment options on our website or talk with one of our trade coordinators for ideas. Our team of highly trained professionals has over 100 years combined experience in the barter industry and is ready to help you find options that meet your needs.

You may also be evaluating ways to welcome new employees as they come to the office for the first time instead of working from home. Consider offering them a barter gift card that they can use to select goods or services including restaurants, personal items, and entertainment. Barter even offers child and pet daycare. It’s a great way to welcome a new employee!

More than 2,000 companies across the Southeast use barter from The Barter Company to secure the products and services they need. Discover how you can use barter to get what your company and employees need as you pull your team back together – and save cash at the same time!

Learn the basics of how barter works, what a successful barter exchange like The Barter Company offers, and how we can help your company grow while saving cash. Indeed, why pay for things in cash? Barter is Smarter!

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