9 Benefits of Barter

What are the Benefits of Barter?

Not sure how Barter can benefit you and your business? Check out these 9 reasons why we think we’re the barter exchange for you!

1. Barter Generates NEW Customers: Barter allows you to expand your market and maintain your cash-paying customers.

2. Barter Coordinates the Selling of Surplus Inventory: We negotiate for you to receive either the going price in the marketplace or your normal selling price to distributors.

3. Barter Increases Profitability: Barter customers pay retail prices, so you get the full value of your goods and services.

4. Avoid ONE-ON-ONE Trading Hassles: Our digital-based trading system lets you use barter dollars from a transaction with one member to trade with any other member in our network and we do the collecting for you!

5. Barter Conserves Cash: Here’s an example: if you had to make a purchase for $1000, would you rather write a check or pay with an equal amount of your product/service at its normal selling price to a new customer? Most businesses prefer to barter and conserve cash.

6. Increase Productivity by Filling Downtime and Unused Capacity: If your business is not at 100% capacity 12 months a year and you can handle new customers, we can help you fill your open time with new business opportunities. And, you will also have trade dollars to purchase what you need.

7. Networking Expands Your Customer Base: Barter customers will bring you cash referrals just like your present clients as long as you give your barter customers the same great services and pricing you offer everyone else.

8. Receive Outstanding Client Service: Through The Barter Company you’ll have your own dedicated trade coordinator to help navigate through using barter.

9. Get Practically Anything! Between our clients and the clients of our sister exchanges nationwide, there’s practically nothing you can’t get with barter!

Have we convinced you about the world of Barter?

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