December brings a multitude of seemingly constantly competing demands on time: last-minute client requests, customer get-togethers, company parties, cementing 2020 business proposals, wrapping up 2019 business tasks, work and family commitments, holiday shopping, taking time off, and much more. The demands seem to pile up as fast as a sudden winter snowstorm. While business and personal schedules certainly get more hectic at year end, it’s important to make the time to evaluate the year’s successes and blessings, to determine the people who helped make those happen, and to thank them appropriately. At The Barter Company, we make it a practice to do this as much as possible.


What Are You Thankful for This Year?

Year-end is the perfect time to evaluate goals and accomplishments – from both business and personal standpoints. On the business side, what worked well this year for your company: employees collaborating, clients increasing their business, vendors offering unique solutions, fun co-workers, a profitable year, increased sales, goals exceeded, a new product line? Who were the people who helped these successes happen? Have you said ‘thank you’ adequately to them, or do still need to do that?


Now, consider your personal life. What are you thankful for there: having a loving family, friends who care, a home to live in, pets who love unconditionally, being part of a faith community? Have you taken the time to tell them you are grateful for them? Have you thanked the people who help you manage your day-to-day responsibilities? How did you do that – in person, in writing, via a thoughtful and personal gift?

The Survey Says: Showing Gratitude Brings Many Benefits

Many research studies have demonstrated that consciously and regularly thinking about the positive aspects of our lives and showing gratitude for them – and the people who make them possible – provides numerous benefits. These include:

  • Emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Greater happiness
  • Improved quality of relationships


Explore these benefits in detail via this article or read on here to see how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and what The Barter Company is thankful for this year.


Find Ways to Cultivate Gratitude and Say Thanks

There are many ways to begin including gratitude into your regular routine. Check out these three suggestions:

  1. Harvard Health Publishing, a unit of Harvard Medical School, notes ways to incorporate gratitude in your life, both during this busy end-of-year season and throughout the year.
  2. Looking for ways to say thanks to co-workers or employees? The Society of Human Resources Management offers 15 simple and memorable methods to say thanks.
  3. com offers 11 creative ways to thank customers.

Whatever method you choose, reflecting on your company’s successes and thanking the people who helped achieve them is time well spent.


What We Are Thankful for at The Barter Company

At The Barter Company, we are thankful for many things that occurred in 2019. Once again, we’ve had a successful year with existing clients and lots of new ones too. With the help of our supportive clients, we raised another $10,000 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation-SE Region bringing our multi-year total to more than $50,000. We also enjoyed our Casino Night (the next one in January 2020), client events, and the annual Holiday Trade Show. Most importantly, we’re thankful for our clients who not only sustain our business but make our lives bright every day. Thank you to the entire The Barter Company family!