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We paid the invoice with fried chicken. That’s how barter works.

Imagine running your business and paying bills with trade rather than cash. Dozens of businesses right here in Cherokee County are doing just that, including Family Traditions Restaurant at Towne Lake.

“We’ve been a client of The Barter Company for more than 10 years,” said Family Traditions Owner Erica Dixon. “Being part of their trade network helps us pay the restaurant bills with barter instead of cash. I’ve used barter to pay for carpet cleaners, business cards, t-shirts, and even a skydiving outing for our crew! They have just about anything you need for your business and the trade coordinators do the legwork for you.”

The Barter Company has established itself as the leading force in the barter industry throughout the Southeast. They provide businesses with an alternative currency network by using barter dollars instead of cash to handle transactions. The Barter Company actively manages the network to make the barter experience simple and smooth.

Dixon said: “With a busy restaurant, we’re always looking for ways to save time and money. The Barter Company is a really organized and reputable company that helps us manage our cash flow so we can get back in the kitchen!”


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The Rotisserie Shop 4th of July Menu

The Rotisserie Shop 

If you haven’t tried our picnic packages yet, now’s the time!

Our Picnic Packages feed 4 people and you’ll have the choice of one meat, three 16 oz. sides, a one gallon beverage, and one dessert, starting at $35!

Items are also available a la cart. For full pricing and more information visit our website at!

Call us for your catering needs or for reservations at (678) 540-8244

Keep in mind that we’ll be open on July 4th, until 4 o’clock, for pickups.

2615 George Busbee Pkwy
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Accepts Barter Card 
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Employee Spotlight: Sherry Carter

Name Sticker - Sherry

Sherry has been with TBC since 2012 as she was the Trade Coordinator in our Gulf Coast office. In November of 2014, Sherry made the big move up to Atlanta and she is now our newest Kennesaw office Trade Coordinator! She will continue to coordinate her Gulf Coast clients as well as take on new accounts in Kennesaw. She also has a beautiful 8 year old Blue Crown Conure names Bell who loves kisses, beak scratches and playing peek-a-boo. Peanut butter is a staple and she has a sweet tooth too!   You can reach Sherry at (770) 591-4343 or by emailing Check out these fun facts about Sherry:


sherry facial picWhat’s your favorite thing about working at TBC? I enjoy working with different members every day and getting to know them.  I enjoy my co-workers and the comradery we have to achieve a common goal.

How do you describe your job at TBC to other people? When I started working for TBC I asked my trainer how I should tell people what my job was and she said “I hook people up”. I describe it more of round robin by connecting businesses with other businesses they want or need.

Before working at TBC, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had? When I was 15 my first job was working Frontier Days in Cheyenne Wyoming for 1 week and earning enough for a car down payment.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra? – “Live Life Boldly” – Quote: “Seize the Day” – Making the most of each day I have and cherishing each success. Make a difference in my life and those around me.

If you were stuck on a deserted island what three things would you bring?  Solar powered satellite GPS phone, Solar Water Still and a Survival multipurpose tool.


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Employee Spotlight: Paula Doricchi

Name Sticker - Paula

Paula has been with TBC since 2005 and was a previous TBC client for 7. She has 2 wonderful daughters, 3 beautiful grandsons and her little Lady! What she loves more than anything is spending time with all of her babies! You can reach her at (770) 591-4343 or by emailing

Check out a few fun facts about Paula below! 

paulaWhat’s your favorite thing about working at TBC? I love who I work with and love my clients.  We are a family here and care very much about each other, as for my relationship with my clients I try to learn all I can about them and their families and have grown to love and care about them as well. 

If you could describe working at TBC in three words, what would they be? It’s an adventure!

What do you like to do when you’re not working? I love to spend time with my two Daughters and 3 grandsons, my oldest daughter Danielle and my oldest grandson Max moved to Franklin Tennessee and we love to visit them when we can it is a great place to visit.  My daughter Alycia and my two other grandsons Ryan and Myles live in Woodstock and we get to see the often and love watching them play baseball.  Never realized how much I loved little boys until them. 

What is your proudest moment at TBC? My Proudest moment at TBC was when I convinced a client to sell his Mercedes Benz on barter when all he was trying to do was to sell the tires and rims.  That was a great sale and a total shock that I convinced him!

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring? Water, sunscreen and my husband!


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Hot Tickets Available For Tonight & This Week

braves reds

Braves vs. Reds

TONIGHT @ 7:10

2 tickets

Front row, center field with 755 Club Access

$20 each

Tuesday 6/14 @ 7:10

2 tickets

Front row, center field with 755 Club Access

$25 each

Wednesday, 6/15 @ 7:10

2 tickets

Front row, center field with 755 Club Access

$25 each



Great American Music by Atlanta Symphony

Thursday, June 16th @ Verizon Amphitheater

6 tickets Box 27

Parking, Cadillac Club access and wait service

$100 each



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Pets in the Workplace Can Reduce Stress and Increase Employee Interaction

Is your office pet friendly or interested in allowing employees to bring pets to the office? There’s science that supports this as a good decision. A study from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business found that “animals in the workplace buffer stress for workers and make the job more satisfying for those who come into contact with furry friends.”

The Barter Company is home to two rescue cats Bobo and Roscoe. The office cats have been keeping employees and visitors company for four years. “We wanted to do more to promote pet adoptions and show other companies the advantages of being a pet-friendly workplace,” explained Ric Zampatti, CEO of The Barter Company. Employees take turns feeding and caring for the cats and even check on them during long weekends. The cats in return provide love and affection to everyone in the office.

As a business owner, before deciding if your company should become pet friendly, here are a few tips to consider courtesy of The Bark’s website, a national magazine for dog enthusiasts:

  1. Start off with a dog committee made up of dog owners and non-dog owners to draft a policy.
  2. Dogs must be friendly to humans and other dogs.
  3. Make sure there are readily accessible outdoor areas for dog “breaks.”
  4. Follow a dog “hire” policy where a new dog is interviewed for acceptability into the workplace.

If you’re still unsure, a good time to try this out without making a commitment is during Take Your Pet to Work Week June 20-24. This annual event, established by Pet Sitters International, encourages offices to welcome pets to the workplace for a day or the week.


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Hot Concert Tickets Available!

Call the office to purchase at (770) 591-4343. 



TOMORROW, June 8th @ Lakewood


2 Lawn seats available

$40 each


Thursday June 16th Verizon Amphitheater at Encore park

Great American Music Atlanta Symphony 

6 tickets available for Box 27 ViP Parking

Cadillac club access and wait service

$100.00 each ticket


Wednesday, June 22nd Verizon Amphitheater at Encore park

Taste of Chaos: Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin & The Early November

6 tickets available for Box 27 ViP Parking

Cadillac club access and wait service

$150.00 each ticket




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Tips to Help Your Small Business Stay Warm During the “Summer Slow Down”

summer slow down

As most business owners come to expect, traffic tends to slow down in the Summer. The “Summer slow down” can be especially hurtful to small businesses, but don’t let this tempt you into taking the season of as well! Use this time to focus on getting your “house keeping” in order and improve on different practices to get yourself, and your business, ready for the Fall. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Give Your Website a Makeover (can be small or major)

If you don’t have an established website, now is the time to do it! Even if you do, every website needs some refreshing so take this time to make sure your online presence is where it should be and that your Google tools are working to your best advantage. Google is constantly changing how they do things so this is also a great time to read up on the latest and greatest SEO tips. Check out these basic steps to making a Google-friendly siteIf you’re a bit more savvy, try these Google secrets to improving your website. 

Update Your Social Media Profiles

Make sure your personal accounts are updated with latest skills, contacts, clients, testimonials, etc. Take some time to review and update your bio and experience areas. For your business pages, make sure you have clear call-to-action buttons so that prospective customers can connect with you.

Reach Out to Your Best Clients/Customers

Many small businesses depend on referrals and keeping in touch with longtime customers can really impact your reputation. Make a quick phone call, plan a lunch meeting or simply drop in to say hello and thank them for their business. Summer is a great time to reconnect and having a conversation might give you valuable insight on important ways to grow your business.

Learn a New Skill

If you’ve always wanted to really understand SEO, marketing automation, website coding or any other skill to help you be a better business owner, look for online or offline courses from your industry association, vendors or local adult education programs. There are also tons of free MeetUps available in all areas and they are great learning groups that typically meet during lunch time. You can even use these meetings as great networking opportunities.

Review Your Finances

Set aside some time each week to focus on the present and future of the business. Discover how you can speed up payments or cut costs. Use this time to also do some strategic planning and look towards big-picture planning for your business.

Set Aside Time For Yourself

You are probably used to working long hours and putting all of your energy into the business, but everyone needs time to rest, relax and regroup. This is a wonderful time to recharge so you can stay focused and motivated throughout the remainder of the year. Whether you take two weeks or two days, time for yourself is essential to your physical and mental health. A simple change of scenery can help your creative juices flow, too. Everyone else is on vacation, so take some time for you!


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Employee Spotlight: Tammy Stinnett

Name Sticker - Tammy

Tammy has been with TBC since 1997 and married 22 years to her wonderful husband, Scott. They have three awesome children and they love spending family time together and the outdoors. You can reach her at (770) 591-4343 or by emailing Check out a few fun facts about Tammy below! 

tammyWhat’s your favorite thing about working at TBC? My favorite thing is working with all of the staff we have a great team and we all get along very well.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? Spending time with my family and dogs. My kids & husband are the most important people in my life.

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day? One of our office cats, they get to sleep all day.

Do you have any hidden talents?  I am a Jazzercise instructor in the evenings.

If you had to eat one meal, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? It would be some sort of an Italian dish, I love anything Italian!


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