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APRA Pets Available For Adoption!

These are just a few of the many amazing pets that are available for adoption at Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption in Smyrna. They are open for adoption M-F from 11:00-5:00, Saturday 12:00-5:00 and Sunday 1:00-5:00. With your help, we can find loving, forever homes for these wonderful animals!

For more information and to adopt a pet, please call (404) 815-6680 or click here.

Click HERE to see more photos of available pets for adoption!




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TBC Volunteers at Atlanta Pet Rescue During “Take Your Pet to Work Week”

staffpic-thursday group first-group-shot

In conjunction with “Take Your Pet to Work Week”, we’ve been hanging out with our friends over at Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption this week and have had a blast! They have a wonderful group of staff members and volunteers who do a great job taking care of the animals who are waiting to be adopted. Located in Smyrna, APRA is a non-profit, volunteer-based, no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating dogs and cats so they can be adopted into safe and loving forever homes. They retrieve adoptable pets from other shelters or animal control facilities so they can have a second chance. They are open for adoption M-F from 11:00-5:00, Saturday 12:00-5:00 and Sunday 1:00-5:00. With your help, we can find loving, forever homes for these wonderful animals! Click here to view photos from our volunteer days at APRA. For more information, visit or visit their Facebook page.   Blog-Signature-cropped

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10 Skills That Are Hard to Learn But Pay Off Forever


The best things in life may be free, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take time, sweat, and perseverance to acquire.

That’s especially the case when it comes to learning important life skills.

What are the hardest and most useful skills to learn?

We’ve highlighted our favorite takeaways.

1. Time management

Effective time management is one of the most highly valued skills by employers. While there is no one right way, it’s important to find a system that works for you and stick to it, Alina Grzegorzewska explains.

“The hardest thing to learn for me was how to plan,” she writes. “Not to execute what I have planned, but to make so epic a to-do list and to schedule it so thoroughly that I’m really capable of completing all the tasks on the scheduled date.”

2. Empathy

“You can be the most disciplined, brilliant, and even wealthy individual in the world, but if you don’t care for or empathize with other people, then you are basically nothing but a sociopath,” writes Kamia Taylor.

Empathy, as business owner Jane Wurdwand explains, is a fundamental human ability that has too readily been forsworn by modern business.

“Empathy — the ability to feel what others feel — is what makes good sales and service people truly great. Empathy as in team spirit — esprit d’corps — motivates people to try harder. Empathy drives employees to push beyond their own apathy, to go bigger, because they feel something bigger than just a paycheck,” she writes.

3. Mastering your sleep

There are so many prescribed sleep hacks out there it’s often hard to keep track. But regardless of what you choose, establishing a ritual can help ensure you have restful nights.

Numerous studies show that being consistent with your sleep schedule makes it easier to fall asleep and wake up, and it helps promote better sleep in general.

4. Positive self-talk

“Ultimately it doesn’t matter what others think of you,” writes Shobhit Singhal, “but what you think of yourself certainly does, and it takes time to build that level of confidence and ability to believe in yourself when nobody else does.”

On the other side of positive self-talk is negative self-talk, which Betsy Myers, founding director of The Center for Women and Business at Bentley University, believes can slowly chip away at your confidence.

5. Consistency

Whether you’re trying a new exercise routine, studying for the LSATs, or working on an important project, Khaleel Syed writes that consistency is vital to maintaining any kind of success.

People often stop working hard when they reach the top, he explains, but to maintain that top position, they have to work harder and be more consistent in their work.

6. Asking for help

“I once was told in a job interview, ‘You can’t have this job if you can’t ask for help when you need it,'” Louise Christy writes. “Naturally, I said I could. Later, I found out that the previous person with that job had screwed up big-time because he was in over his head but couldn’t admit it and didn’t ask for help.”

She explains that knowing when you need help and then asking for it is surprisingly difficult to learn and do because no one wants to be perceived as weak or incompetent.

But a recent study from the Harvard Business School suggests doing so makes you look more, not less, capable. According to the study authors, when you ask people for advice, you validate their intelligence or expertise, which makes you more likely to win them over.

7. Knowing when to shut up — and actually doing it

“You can’t go around whining about every other thing that seems not-so-right to you in this world,” writes Roshna Nazir. “Sometimes you just need to shut up.”

There are many instances when keeping to yourself is the best course. “When we are angry, upset, agitated, or vexed,” writes Anwesha Jana, “we blurt out anything and everything that comes to our mind.” And later, you tend to regret it.

Keeping your mouth shut when you’re agitated is one of the most valuable skills to learn, and of course, one of the most difficult.

8. Listening

Along with shutting up comes listening, says Richard Careaga.

“Most of us in the workplace are so overwhelmed with things to do — instant messaging, phones ringing. I mean, our brain can only tolerate so much information before it snaps,” Nicole Lipkin, author of “What Keeps Leaders Up At Night,” previously told Business Insider.

One tip for active listening is repeating back what you heard to the other person. “It makes things so much easier when everyone is on the same page,” she said.

9. Minding your business

“It takes ages to learn and master this,” writes Aarushi Ruddra.

Sticking your nose into other people’s work isn’t helpful and wastes time and resources, she says. “You have no right to put forth your two or four cents, even if you are the last righteous person standing.”

10. Mastering your thoughts

To do what you want to do and accomplish what you want to accomplish, you need to consciously direct your thinking, writes Mark Givert.

“The challenge is that we are the product of our past experience and all of our thinking is the result of this,” he says. “However, the past does not equal the future.”


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Pet of the Week – Meet “Ruby Tuesday!

Ruby Tuesday

TBC is excited to be partnering up with the Atlanta Pet Rescue in an effort to help find these wonderful animals forever homes! Each week, we will be promoting a “Pet of the Week” that is in need of a loving home.

Hippity hop! Hippity hop!  This week’s “Pet of the Week” is Ruby Tuesday an adorable 1 year old female Angora rabbit. Ruby Tuesday is ready to hop, hop, hop right into your home and your heart! This lovely Angora rabbit is about as people-friendly as can be and deserves a family ready to give her the life she deserves. Looking for a a fluffy bunny to care for? Come by the shelter for details!

Check out more info on this sweet girl here.

Mention TBC when calling or visiting and receive $50 off the adoption fee!

Together let’s help find these animals loving homes!


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Come See us This Week at Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption!

atlanta pet rscue van

In celebration of “Take Your Pet to Work Week”, TBC is partnering up with Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption to help spread awareness. We will be at their Smyrna shelter Wednesday & Thursday this week from 9-12 hanging out with their awesome animals and we’d love to see you! Be sure to mention TBC if you call or visit and receive $50 off the adoption fee. Click here for more information.

Help us find forever homes for these lovable animals!


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“Take Your Dog to Work” Week is June 22-26

pet work office table

Pet Sitters International’s 17th annual “Take Your Dog To Work Week” begins Monday, June 22. Businesses around the globe will open their doors to employees’ canine co-workers to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to promote pet adoption. And be sure to invite all of your feline friends to partake in the event this week, too!

Is your business participating? If so, we’d love to hear about it! Be sure to post photos of your lovable animals hard at work on our Facebook page. Be sure to check out our  7 great tips on how to ensure a successful office visit.

TBC is also partnering up with Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption in an effort to raise awareness for the numerous animals in our area who need loving homes. This week, our staff will be volunteering at their Smyrna shelter and we’d love to see you! Come on out and meet the amazing dogs & cats that are looking for their forever homes.

For more information about Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption, click here. Be sure to mention TBC is you call or visit and receive $50 off the adoption fee.

Help us support this wonderful cause!



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“Take Your Dog to Work Week” – 7 Helpful Tips to Ensure a Successful Office Visit

pet water coolrer


These 7 helpful tips are brought to you by Pet Sitters International.

1. Do an office check. No one will mind your dog being in the office, right? Well, maybe. Check with management and co-workers to see if anyone is allergic, afraid of or opposed to you bringing your dog to work on this special day. Be respectful of those you work with and plan an alternate celebration, if necessary.

2. Puppy-proof your work space. If you plan on working with your dog, make sure your office environment is safe. Remove poisonous plants and pesticides, hide electrical cords and wires and secure toxic items such as permanent markers. Any office items in question should be placed out of paw’s reach.

3. Make sure Fido is fit for work. Even dogs don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Be sure your dog’s shots are current. Make plans to have your dog bathed and groomed before accompanying you to work. Be mindful of your dog’s “work readiness.” You know your dog’s demeanor, so if he is aggressive or overly shy, it’s best to leave him at home. Consider how your dog has behaved in the past around strangers before making the decision to bring him. If your dog has shown fear, irritability or aggression, or if your dog has never met strangers, the workplace is not the best place for him.

4. Prepare a doggie bag. Include food, treats, bowls, toys, leash, paper towels, clean-up bags and pet-safe disinfectant. If you are routinely in and out of your work space, consider bringing a baby gate for your doorway or a portable kennel for your dog’s comfort and your peace of mind.

5. Plan your pet’s feeding times carefully. During an important sales call is probably not the best time for a puppy potty break. Plan your dog’s feeding time around your work schedule and be sure to choose an appropriate area for your dog to relieve himself afterward.

6. Avoid forcing co-workers to interact with your dog. Dog lovers will make themselves known. Sally from accounting and Joe in human resources may not want to play fetch or offer belly rubs, so be mindful of fellow employees’ time and space. To avoid pet accidents, monitor the amount of treats your pet is being given from your co-workers. Remember that chocolate, candy and other people food should not be shared with dogs and that not all non-dog owners will be aware that these items can be very toxic to your pooch.

7. Have an exit strategy. Although most dogs enjoy TYDTWDay, your pet may not. Should your dog become overly boisterous, agitated or withdrawn, consider taking him home or plan in advance for your professional pet sitter to offer a midday check-in visit. Never, under any circumstance, leave your pet alone in a vehicle while you work.

Be sure to share with us your adventures during “Take Your Dog to Work Week”. Share with us on our Facebook page & Twitter!


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Help Us Win the “Best Pet Selfie” Contest!!

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?? Well two of our very own TBC staff members have entered their favorite pets to win Best Self Atlanta Magazine’s annual “Best Pet Selfie” contest! They need YOUR votes to try and win $500 for our friends over at Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. From today until June 30, you can vote once per day and be part of helping this great cause!

Please click below on their names to vote for ONE of our entries:

BoBo and Stephanie or Butters & Lauren!!

(Some of you may even recognize BoBo, as he is one of our beloved TBC office cats!)

Please vote every day until June 30th so we can help this awesome cause! And spread the word by sharing with your friends on social media!


PS: Be sure to check our blog and social media for our “Pet of the Week” each week brough to you by Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. Together, let’s find these fur babies their forever homes!







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“Pet of the Week” – Meet Kabob!

kabob kabob2kabob4

TBC is excited to be partnering up with the Atlanta Pet Rescue in an effort to help find these wonderful animals forever homes! Each week, we will be promoting a “Pet of the Week” that is in need of a loving home.

This week’s “Pet of the Week” is Kabob an adorable 4 year old male beagle blend.  It is summertime, which means it is time for Kabob!!  What pool party is complete without him?  Kabob is a sturdy fellow that has the politeness and chivalry that every woman dreams of in her man.  He is a social boy who just goes with the flow.  Who doesn’t have that on their dream dog list?  He seems to truly enjoy anything and everything, especially when it means hanging out with his human companions.  He enjoys playing with toys like Nylabones and Kongs.  He settles very well in his crate, especially when a treat is involved.  The “dad bod” look is all the rage this summer.  Keep trendy and hip and adopt Kabob and his “dad bod” today!

Check out more info on this sweet guy here.

Mention TBC when calling or visiting and receive $50 off the adoption fee!

Together let’s help find these animals loving homes!


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