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Attention TBC Clients and Participants of Our Top 10 List Contest!

Here is a list of the business categories in which we are full. We want to be sure and get our current clients barter business before bringing on new referrals in these categories. Please check back monthly as this list does change. Thank you for your continued support of TBC and referring great businesses to join in barter!
WE PAY FOR ALL REFERRALS! If you have a referral, give us a call at (770) 591-4343 or email
Chiropractors – full in all areas

Skin Care Services – full in all areas

Photographers – full in all areas

Weight-Loss Programs – full in all areas

Business & Family Attorneys – full in all areas

Website Design – full in all areas

SEO Marketing – full in all areas

Mediterranean and Pizza Restaurants – full in all areas

Dentists – full in Marietta, Atlanta, Gwinnett & Suwanee areas

Pest Control – full in Cobb & Cherokee

HVAC – needed only in the Southside area

Hair Salon/Massage – full in North Metro Atlanta

DJ Services – full in all areas


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Our Promise to You


Our commitment to you is to provide top quality clients promoted at fair market pricing who barter their goods/services at 100% trade.   If you come across a client who does not fit these criteria, please let us know immediately. Please notify us of any incidents via email at or call our Tip Line @ (678) 302-6765 to leave a detailed message.  We strive to uphold the integrity of the barter system and will do what is necessary to maintain our commitment to you.

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Will Small Business Be the Real Super Bowl Winner in 2016?

The commercial tie-ins to major sporting events are more important — and visible — than ever and the NFL’s Super Bowl may be the biggest man on campus.

Every year we breathlessly await the premieres of those clever Super Bowl ads and it takes players on the winning team about five milliseconds to start sporting caps emblazoned with their team logo and embroidered type proclaiming them Super Bowl Champs.

Small businesses ‘will receive’

If only there were a way for small businesses to benefit from a little bit of this Super Bowl madness. Well, there is. The NFL in conjunction with local Super Bowl host committees has a “Business Connect” program that aims to benefit small businesses located in the general area where the game is held. Although it’s too late to apply for this year’s business connect program, here’s a list of products and services that it includes:

Building Materials, Carpenters, General Contractors, General Laborers, Painters, Catering/Restaurants, Food and Beverage, Event Planning, Entertainment, Tables and Chairs, Tenting, Furniture, Printing/Graphics, Signs and Banners, Security, Staffing, Transportation, Venues, Decorations, Balloons, Florist/Flowers, Gift Baskets, Gift Items, Novelties/Promotional Items, Media/Public Relations, Audio Visual, Sound, Video Equipment, Lighting/Staging, Pyrotechnics, Set Design and Construction, Courier Services, Electricians, Electronics (Wire and Supplies), Office Supplies, Photography/Video, Port-O-Lets, Waste Removal, Barricades, Carpeting/Flooring, Equipment Rentals, Fencing, Generators, Golf Carts, Hardware Supplies, Heavy Equipment, Linens, Pipe and Drape, Scaffolding, Tour Services, Trailers, Vans, Banking, Computer/web, Consulting, Employment agencies, Janitorial services, and Temporary staffing agency.

Super Bowl 50

Applications are being accepted for next year’s Super Bowl Business Connect Program, which is being held in the San Francisco Bay Area’s new Levi’s Stadium. Businesses in the nine Bay Area counties can apply. However, the program is limited to businesses that are certified as minority-owned, women-owned, disabled veteran-owned, or lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Small business owners and local communities should steal this page out of the NFL playbook. While few cities will ever host a Super Bowl, there are all kinds of major yearly sporting events, such as tournaments and races. If there is one near you, see if they have an outreach program to local small businesses. If not, have your chamber of commerce and other business organizations, lobby the promoters to get something going.

Of course, when these kinds of events come to your town, there are many ways you can use them as tie-ins to sales and marketing campaigns. I will note, however, that if you don’t want the NFL to come down on you like a 350-pound lineman, you need to steer clear of using the term Super Bowl for commercial purposes. They are very protective of that trademarked name and in that way they are far from alone in the world of big-money sports. Apparently using the phrase “Super Sunday” is okay and your customers will know what you’re talking about.

So, get creative, get organized and find ways that big events can kickoff major sales in your small business.

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February “Top 10” List is Up! Get Paid Cash For Referrals!

Here are the top 10 business categories that we are looking to sign up this month! Earn BARTER and CASH for your referral!

Don’t forget that these categories are part of our Top 10 Referral Contest! Every time you refer someone on our Top 10 list, your name is entered in to win our Quarterly Prize!

A winner will be selected in March, so the more you refer, the more chances you have to win!

Monthly Top 10 List - February 2015

Granite / Copier Company / Appliance Repair / Restaurant Equipment Repair / Courier Services / Gutter Companies / Florist in Cobb, Cherokee & Atlanta / Upholstery / Floor Installers/Refinishing / Auto Locksmith in Cobb/N. Fulton

For more info,  call your Trade Coordinator @ 770-591-4343.

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