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Reflecting on a Recent Local Tragedy: TBC Now Offering Workplace Violence Prevention

Yesterday morning a tragedy occurred in our community and our hearts and prayers go out to the six victims of the shooting in Kennesaw. We were all reminded of the danger of workplace violence and that it can occur in both big and small companies.   Having recently signed on a consultant working in the field of Workplace Violence Prevention and Recovery, The Barter Company thought this would be a good time to inform our membership of some basics around preventing and responding to such incidents:

Myth 1: “It won’t happen to me, my company is too small.” In fact, statistics from OSHA indicate that no company regardless of the size is immune from a violent incident.

Myth 2: “We can’t afford a Workplace Violence Prevention Program.” In fact, effective prevention of such incidents does not have to be expensive. In the early stages when there is concern an incident may occur, the most valuable asset is Skilled Advisement from a professional trained in the field of professional security and/or psychology who can quickly assess the concerns and put an action plan in place. This advisement, if done before an incident occurs, does not have to be very expensive and is now available to The Barter Company members.

Myth 3: “The police are not interested until an incident occurs.” This is false. Police today are aware that workplace violence is becoming increasingly common and is responsible for 10% of all workplace deaths. Effective law enforcement is mostly proactive not reactive and your local public safety departments want to be made aware of your concerns in advance.

Myth 4: “Our customers and business will not be affected by an incident.” This is false. Your competitors will have sympathy for your organization briefly. Yet studies have shown that unfortunately, often competitors use the incident as a means to lure your customers away. Like anything in life, prior planning is key. Not having any contingencies for a disaster or an incident of workplace violence can be asking for problems.

Dave Glick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with offices in Marietta and Atlanta. His company Triad EduPsych provides a variety of services to organizations including: Training, Workplace Violence Prevention, Response & Recovery Plans, Executive Coaching and Process Improvement.

Please contact The Barter Company’s office @ (770) 591-4343 to learn how you and your business can greatly benefit from Triad EduPsych’s services. For more information on David Glick and his company, visit

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Let’s Hit the High Points!

Here’s why thousands of successful business owners have joined a trade exchange:









Trading your goods and services, empty tables, idle capacity, or excess inventory is the quickest way to improve your cash flow! Instead of spending cash for the equipment, advertising or supplies you need for your business, you can simply trade with others for what you need.  The Barter Company finds the items or services you need or want and puts the trade together for you!  You keep your cash in your bank while savings go right to the bottom line!  The Barter Company is a trade brokerage specialist.  We find the goods or services locally or in other even internationally!

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Attitudes & Tips for Successful Trading

Be flexible

Be Flexible – Barter will not always deliver exactly what you want. You may have to change vendors, try new ways to promote your business, or perhaps look into different purchasing options.

be creative

Be Creative – Look beyond the obvious and see new ways of doing things. You might find, that trade could be an even more powerful motivational tool for employees than cash bonuses. Using trade to treat employees, give to charity are just a few creative ways.

be patient

Be Patient – With barter, good things come to those who are willing to wait. Ask us and we will try to find what you need. Nine times out of ten we will get you what you want, but you may have to wait.

be quick

Be Quick –  While you must be willing to wait, you must also move quickly when something comes along that is not normally available on trade. Boats, late-model cars, desirable real estate, and other attractive high-ticket items are usually sold on the same day they are offered. Those who don’t respond quickly are often left sitting on the sidelines.

think trade

Think Trade – In the normal, everyday world you are always thinking about how you’re going to increase sales to pull in more dollars. In the barter world, the sell side is easy. Now you need to expend the same kind of time and energy on how to use your dollars. You must think trade before spending cash. You must think trade all the time.

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Basic Benefits of Barter

Business Growth

Barter Generates NEW Customers:

This allows you to expand your market and maintain your cash-paying customers. This is incremental business-customers who bypass competing businesses to do business with you.


Barter Coordinates the Selling of Surplus Inventory: We negotiate for you to receive either the going price in the marketplace or your normal selling price to distributors. This allows you to maintain your current pricing integrity and upgrade your return on investment.

Barter Increases Profitability:

Barter customers pay retail prices, so you get the full value of your goods and services.

Barter Moves Excess Inventory:

Retailers must keep their inventory moving and our customers shop for the most current merchandise each season. The Barter Company will bring you buyers to move excess inventory, eliminating the advertising costs and heavy discounting otherwise needed to accomplish this.

Barter Conserves Cash:

Barter creates new customers because buyers are motivated to pay with their products or services and save cash. Simply put: if you had to make a purchase for $1000, would you rather write a check or pay with an equal amount of your product/service at its normal selling price to a new customer? Most businesses prefer to barter and conserve cash.

Increase Productivity By Filling Downtime and Unused Capacity:

Service Business: Increase billable hours! If you are not at 100% capacity 12 months a year and you can handle new customers, we can help you fill your free time with your business opportunities. And now you will have trade dollars to purchase what you need.

Hotels: Suppose you have 10 vacant rooms at $100 a night and you need a new brochure for $1000. Barter provides a way for you to buy your brochure, fill your rooms (at your cost), and maintain your cash.

Manufacturers: If you are currently operating at 90% capacity, going to 93% changes very little in the cost of production. Wouldn’t it make sense to take on a new barter customer to cover the cost of next year’s product catalog?

Networking Expands Your Customer Base:

Barter customers will bring you all the cash referrals that your present clients bring. You will gain new cash- paying customers too as long as you give your barter customers the same great services and pricing you offer everyone else.

Avoid ONE-ON-ONE Trading Hassles:

Our computerized round-robin trading system lets you use barter dollars from a transaction with one member to trade with any other member in our network and we do the collecting for you!

Get Practically Anything!

Between our clients and the clients of our sister exchanges nationwide, there’s practically nothing you can’t get with barter!

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Welcome to Our Barter Blog!

We are excited to rollout our new Barter Blog to keep you updated on upcoming events, tips to better bartering and all sorts of other useful materials! We hope to provide current TBC clients and prospective clients with the tools necessary for a beneficial barter experience. Check in weekly to see what’s going on in the wonderful world of barter!

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Running a Business Isn’t Easy, Even for The Big Easy.

Originally published in Cobb Business Journal, Our Town Magazine and Around Acworth. Click HERE to view online at Our Town Magazine.

Running a Business Isn’t Easy…Even For The Big Easy.

There’s nothing easy about running a business even if that business is modeled after the Big Easy itself, New Orleans. One of the greatest challenges is managing costs especially in the competitive restaurant industry. Bartering within a professional network can save thousands of dollars every year. Now, that’s something every business owner can get jazzed about.

For 10 years, Copeland’s of New Orleans, has been working with The Barter Company to exchange their services with other barter clients. “We estimate a net cash savings of 30% on every barter transaction,” said Bill Goudey, owner of two Copeland’s Atlanta locations. “Copeland’s does about $125,000 in barter per year, so the inflow and outflow is double that amount.”

Copeland’s of New Orleans restaurants serve New Orleans cuisine in a casual dining atmosphere. The extensive menu includes: seafood, steaks, sandwiches, burgers, and a kid’s menu.

Barter is one of the ways to make things a little easier in the restaurant business. Goudey explains: “We barter food and beverage from our restaurant primarily for marketing and repair services. That includes printing, print and broadcast media, restaurant cleaning services, supplies, general construction and maintenance services. We even use gift certificates for entertainment and dining as rewards and prizes.”

People have exchanged goods and services for centuries through a simplistic barter system. Today, barter plays an important role in the payments industry with businesses incorporating it into their system along with cash, credit, virtual payments, and loyalty cards. “Alternative currencies are trending for business,” explains Ric Zampatti, The Barter Company CEO. “More and more businesses are taking another look at barter and how it can benefit their cash flow.”

The best reason of all to use barter, according to Goudey, is “the introduction of many new clients to the business that would not otherwise visit our establishment. That and the cash savings from leveraging the barter network. Effective bartering takes time so be committed to the concept. The Barter Company’s trade coordinators work hard to help us build barter traffic and spend our dollars wisely.” The Barter Company makes it easy.

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